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Children of the chieftain,
By Michael E Wills
The story of orphaned Viking children Ingir and Ahl, their journey to save their people from the fearsome Jomsviking after their father, the chieftain, dies after defeating the raiders. The pair battle valiantly against the odds, being betrayed by their friends and fighting to free all the adults.
A great tale of high adventure and a brilliant introduction to Vikings for the younger reader, 8 years plus. I’m 48 and I enjoyed it.
This is a short novel and perfect for the intended age, the only slight criticism would be, that I would have liked a little more depth into some of the characters. Perhaps that would have made the book unnecessarily long and put some young readers off.
A well-paced adventure, well worth a read and five stars.
Jeremy Poole

<![CDATA[Book Review.  Them By MG Hardie]]>Thu, 13 Apr 2017 20:16:56 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/-book-review-them-by-mg-hardiehttps://www.amazon.com/THEM-MG-Hardie-ebook/dp/B06XPRGPST/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Devon is a stock trader, a normal guy, whose life changes when he stumbles upon a device, when his family is killed and he is turned into a superhero, things start to get hot. Them and the Sway are among humans, they create havoc and kill indiscriminately, or so Devon thinks, The more he learns the more he realises what he knows is wrong.
This book, starts deep and hard and continues in this vane, it’s thoughtful and fast. The insights into the human condition and the system had me asking myself questions and staying up late to finish reading.
On the negative, at time the book reminded me of Jules Verne, and I hate his books, lists and more lists, but MG pulled it off and I read on.
This is no normal superhero novel, Devon is more like Captain America, with a masters in law. The final scene is as in depth and thought provoking as any book I’ve ever read.
Give it a go, it’s deep and tough, but you’ll come out smiling for humanity.
Jeremy Poole
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<![CDATA[Black Virus by Bobby Adair A fresh new perspective on the Zombie theme!]]>Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:27:34 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/-black-virus-by-bobby-adair-a-fresh-new-perspective-on-the-zombie-theme
A fresh new perspective on the Zombie theme, a short novel, and the fast pace means this book will be read in a couple of solid sittings.
The protagonist is a 16 year old badass, Christian Black, who takes no shit.  He grows to be a man quickly within the book and makes some impossible decisions.
For anyone who loves dark, posy apocalyptic grit then this is as good as it gets.
Highly recommended.
<![CDATA[Yesterday Makers by Russell Knightly]]>Sun, 04 Sep 2016 12:46:27 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/yesterday-makers-by-russell-knightlywww.amazon.com/Yesterday-Makers-Stories-Time-Machine-ebook/dp/B01J12G7LS/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
5 Stars
I have to give this short and quite marvelous time travel tale a big 5 stars, it had me thinking and brought back my dwindling quest for answers.
The story is told from a variety of copies, of people, we never really know who is a copy and who is real, the characters come and go and some are very short lived.
I admit at times I was confused and had to re-read and re-read sections, but isn’t that what time traveling would be about, confusion and repeat. The main ‘evil’ character was a bit of a let-down and seemed to get her comeuppance too quickly, but this is a novella and as such I forgive this.
Overall, the small negatives were overcome by the big picture and view of time and us.
Give it a read, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll think.

<![CDATA[The Crown of Stones Magic-Borne By C.L.Schneider]]>Sat, 23 Apr 2016 13:41:08 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/the-crown-of-stones-magic-borne-by-clschneiderhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C8QXN52/ref=series_rw_dp_sw
Book review by Jeremy Poole
I’ve just finished the Crown of stones trilogy and think it thoroughly deserves a 5 star review.
The first two books were good, but the third really was an edge of the seat fantasy experience. The writer pull you in to the character of Ian Troy and keep deepening his negative almost black point of view. As I’ve said in previous reviews there were shades of ‘Thomas Covenant’ in Troy.
The Sheer depth of the fantasy and the land is enthralling and never failed to keep me awake into the small hours.
The only negative I’d give Schneider's work is the sex, not gratuitous at all, but too much and too long, I don’t want sex in my fantasy books, at least not in depth description, pages and pages of it.
That apart, highly recommended.
Jeremy Poole

<![CDATA[Book Review: I AM SLEEPLESS: Sim 299]]>Thu, 31 Dec 2015 15:10:48 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/book-review-i-am-sleepless-sim-299First and foremost, I have to say i really enjoyed reading this book, it’s original, quirky and original, in its futuristic fantasy where ‘Star Trek’ meets ‘Harry Potter’ and that can’t be bad. Like both of those it takes some getting into, but once you’re in then you’ll love it.
The first chapter is confusing, with its ‘Primes, Lugs, endemics etc, it becomes clear what these are as the book puts some meat on the bones. The character, Aiden, Palamos and Fig grow in depth and feeling as the book unfolds.
As a YA or Middle grade read, also suitable for the youngster in any adult, I would highly recommend this as must read for Indie readers. In a world where all books need at least 700 pages and a massive backdrop, this is a breath of fresh air, it does everything it should and isn’t padded with masses of unnecessary description.
A well deserved 5 Stars.
Jeremy Poole
<![CDATA[Warrior Class; The Crooked Path By P.T.Mayes  Book review by Jeremy Poole]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2015 08:25:23 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/warrior-class-the-crooked-path-by-ptmayes-book-review-by-jeremy-pooleReview by Jeremy Poole
5 Stars
Mr Mayes does it again, another success, in a different genre, this time fantasy and he has done it as well as he does all of his works.
This is definitely a five star fantasy, ‘The crooked path’ is the story of two kingdoms, separated by a poisoned land, yet still fighting for supremacy. The two protagonists are teenagers, one from each side of the divide. Both side show traits of good and evil and Philip paints a wonderfully in depth world filled with lively and colourful characters.
The book is long, over 700 pages and as with all fantasies now, it leaves you wanting more.
This book, combines the best of all fantasy books and I for one will be waiting, with baited breath, for the second part.
Jeremy Poole.
<![CDATA[Xy, Post appocalytic men]]>Mon, 26 Oct 2015 12:23:25 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/xy-post-appocalytic-menBook review by Jeremy Poole.
5 stars
Xy by D.S.Lillico

Xy moves us forward to post apocalyptic Britain, a Britain where women are all but extinct and men have become ‘Different’.
The hero of the tale is Punch and Bear and the story is their effort to save a powerful little girl. The book at times is dark and bizarre, but equally at times, funny and it even managed to bring tears to my eyes at one point.
I need to point out that this book is the first in a serious, and even though large, it leaves the story unfinished.
Overall if you like, dark, bizarre, post apocalyptic fantasy, then you should try this, it’s well written and drags you in to the unlikely characters perspectives.
​Hope you enjoy it.
<![CDATA[Book Review, Defying Fate- by DL Morrese]]>Mon, 06 Jul 2015 13:54:46 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/book-review-defying-fate-by-dl-morreseDefying Fate - Two Tales of the Warden:  by DL Morrese
Sci-fi and fantasy have never sat well in my opinion, I love both Genres, but not together. I’ve never seen the need or wanted to read any. This book proved my wrong, I really enjoyed reading it and ate up every word with gusto. Aliens, princes, Dwarves and Elves make up a great tale of intrigue and suspense. I reality, it’s fantasy, pure and simple, think, The Hobbit etc.
    For standard fantasy lovers, the lack of battles, fight scenes or any wars might put you off, but the intrigue and comedy well makes up for this. The sci-fi elements of the book are well hidden and work well, no great intergalactic battles or threats. The main character, Prince Donald, grows as a character and becomes a man, whilst trying to put a stop to a war before it begins.
    A few minor criticisms are, the reveal of the ‘Bad guy’ too early, and the end was a more a little bit of a let-down.
    Overall a great fantasy read, more for you readers than adults.
Well worth five stars.
Jeremy Poole  www.jeremypoole.net

<![CDATA[Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. 1 star.]]>Sat, 18 Apr 2015 13:52:31 GMThttp://www.jeremypoole.net/blog/metro-2033-by-dmitry-glukhovsky-1-star
1 star
Review by Jeremy Poole
A story with a great premise, the remnants of society trapped in the Moscow underground. Within its tunnels the entire modern history of politics is acted out, all the while death is everywhere. Sounds like it could be good, and it has lots of good reviews.
However, I have to say I’ve rarely read such a tedious, poorly written book. I don’t know whether it is the translation that is so badly done or the original was the same but. This book is repetitive, dull as Moscow in winter and long, very long.
There were some well written views on political and theological points of view, but these did little to brighten this gloomy tale.
I believe one star is generous.
Jeremy Poole